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DSE are strongest!

The question “Who is Castertons strongest?” has been answered in front of a crowd of over 300 people. But not without a lot of effort and a few river dunkings.

On the evening of Friday 14th Feb the ‘Tug of Warlords (the Department of Sustainability and Environment crew) beat the Lords of Tug to win the $200 prize and the trophy giving them the title of “Castertons Strongest”. A team from Casterton Hospital (the ‘Bloody Nurses’) dressed in bandages and aided by walking frames won the novelty prize for best fancy dress. They have donated their $75 prize to the Murray to Moyne team.

Friends of the Glenelg River Chairman, Tim Burnard, said the combination of beautiful surroundings, a warm night and a very entertaining MC job from Greg Bright made for a great night all round. Many people commented what a fantastic community event it is and how great it was to see people of all ages there to play in our River.

Thanks to the good sportsmanship of all teams, the night was a great laugh for all, with many local identities getting a full dunking in the river. The night was also enhanced with some fun DJing by Simon Barker (did anyone else notice the river theme to the music?)

Even the organisers of the event (Friends of the Glenelg River) got involved this year and had a pull off before the grand final Tug so that the finalists could catch their breath. Whilst they were probably not aided much by Greg Bright as anchor (because he continued his job as MC while pulling), they were soundly beaten by the Great Southern team

The weigh-in was also interesting. The rules allow for as many members as possible as long as the combined weight of the team doesn’t exceed 550kg.  On the night, a set of cattle scales are mounted on the back of a ute. If a team weighs over the 550kg mark, there is a frantic hunt to find a lighter person to swap team members (sometimes just people in the audience!) to get the right weight. The Aerobic Angels team was the closest to the 550kg mark with a combined weight of 546kg, closely followed by the Bloody Nurses at 542.

The competition between eight teams started with the ‘Tug of Warlords’ at 532kg beating the Great Southern team(equal lightest team at 504kg), the CMA Crusaders also just 504kg beat the  ‘Aerobic Angels’, a team of 8 women. The ‘Bloody Nurses’ beat the ‘Tuggettes’ (all womens team from the Blue Hills Nursery – 538kg); and the ‘Lords of Tug’ (a second team from DSE – 538kg) beat the ‘Casterton Cats team (520kg). But after the semi finals it was all DSE with both of their teams competing against each other in the final pull.

The beautiful surrounds of the Glenelg River, a perfect warm night and the Apex team serving up a BBQ dinner meant everyone was enthusiastic about the future of the event. Tim Burnard said “We made a few improvements this year to make the competition fairer but we don’t want to get too serious about this. Friends of the Glenelg River are just keen to get people back into the river for some good fun. We are still very keen to run another free canoe day as soon as the water level rises.”

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