Friends of the Glenelg River are very active. We have many projects ranging from on ground works that are directly beneficial to the river, to fun projects aimed at getting people to come and play in the river.

Glenelg River Art Competition

Each year we run the art competition with the simple theme being ‘The Glenelg River’. Two dimensional art works can include the creatures or plants that live in the river, people using the river or the river itself. In 2007, for the first time, we have offered a $500 prize. We use the best 12 entries in the Glenelg River calendar. View Gallery Of Past Entries

Art competition

Art competition entrants

This year the competition received 340 entries, the majority coming from schools. Judges were most impressed by the younger age groups entries and said that the standard of entries in the open section was very high and the best yet.
The prize winners in the various categories are:
 Kindergarten: Encouragement award to Kate Tomkins
 Year Prep to Three: First prize to Erin Munroe. Encouragement award to Tom Foster.
 Year 4-6: First prize to Ella Harrison. Encouragement award to Blade Tuohy.
 Year 7-9: First prize to Kate Jones. Encouragement award to Linda Widdicombe.
 Open Category: Painting/drawing - First prize to Sandra Stewart-Lewis  Second: Charlotte Davis
 Open Category: Photography - First prize to Linda Edge      Second:  Lyn Struthers
The winning entries will be used to illustrate the 2009 Friends of the Glenelg River Calendar. The judges also selected further entries to illustrate the Calendar from:
B&MCash , Alexandra Davis, Tim Hatherall, Sharni Clayton, Molly McLaughlin,  Lucy McLaughlin,  Charlotte Newell,  Alannah Murrell,  Nikki Kent, Maisie Newell, Amber Holstein, Millie Bryan, Kyllee Robinson, Tanna Ireland, Emma Dyke, Chris Glisson, April McKay, Meg Clode, Donald Jones and Lillian Twardowski.

Friends of the Glenelg River Calendar

The calendar includes messages relating to the Glenelg River health and history on each page. This includes specific subjects such as sand removal, snag replacement and protecting the river by fencing out stock. The calendar is highly valued and is delivered free to every household in our local area.

Calendar cover

Front cover of the calendar

Annual Tug of War

Annual tug of war

Each year in March, we conduct the Annual Tug of War across the river. This is a great fun event attracting hundreds of spectators. The event is aimed at adults with many of the local heroes getting dragged into the river. View Gallery

Free Canoe Days

We try to have three free canoe days a year where we offer free canoe use, under supervision of Paeston Canoe Hire. We are keen to get young people playing in the river and use the experience to build on their awareness of river health issues. On these days, we also involve people in educational activities such as; Waterwatch, Fishcare, Flora/fauna walks & talks,  Scout displays, Angling demonstrations, talks on current river restoration works (sand removal, re-snagging, weed control, tree planting, Carp control) and the impact of grazing the banks.

free canoe day

Local children learning to canoe

Flora & Fauna Guide

We are developing a Flora and Fauna guide for our local area. When completed, we intend to deliver a copy to each household in the Casterton area.

Glenelg River Walking trail

We are working closely with the Department of Sustainability and Environment to build a trail that follows the Glenelg River. When completed, the trail will include seating and interpretative signage to raise river issues such as; native vegetation, animals, sand extraction site and snag replacement sites. While the project will take several years to complete, it is already popular with the local walkers.

walking trail construction

DSE crew building the trail

Mapping the River

We work with the Department of Sustainability and Environment and the Glenelg Hopkins CMA to map our section of the Glenelg River, looking for sites of erosion, stock access, weed infestations and potential sand extraction. The results are electronically stored and used to prioritise all future on ground works.


Dse crew mapping the river

Revegetation Project

We collect local native seed and grow them to tube stock stage. Local residents, particularly the schoolchildren, help us plant the tube stock along the river edge. This helps stabilise the banks and increases the value of habitat for the fish and platypus that live in the river.

image 3

School children planting trees

River History Days

We take local residents on a  River History bus tour, discussing the history of the people and environment along the river. The stories are gathered and kept as a record of what has happened in the area

history day

The first history bus tour

Clean up Australia Day

Our group takes part in Clean up Australia Day, focussing on the Glenelg River.

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